• Computers are central to our lives.
    When they break, we feel lost.
  • Is your PC feeling slow or behaving odd?
    Do you think you caught a virus or it won't boot?
  • Maybe you have run out of space
    or just want a really fast custom machine.
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  • Crashes
  • Symptoms of a crash are "blue screen of death" or failing to boot.
    Most cases require a new main drive to be installed.
    I recommend adding an SSD at this time and then doing a fresh install of Windows.
  • Virus
  • Virus show themselves in many ways, but usually some form of odd behavior.
    If you see a browser window telling you to "run a virus check" DON'T!!!
    Doing so will infect your system worse.
    I also do not "clean" virus off of PC's.
    The ONLY reliable soultion is to wipe the computer and reinstall a fresh copy of Windows.
    Often, I am asked to put a faster SSD in as well.
  • Upgrades vary depending on hardware.
  • Laptops can only upgrade memory and storage.
    Tower machines have more options, but depending on age, it is best to focus on memory and storage.
    It is also common to add a new video card, but you must be cautious.
  • Custom Builds
  • This is where things get fun.
    Every aspect of the PC can be chosen separately.
  • Case, power supply, fans - with or without RGB lighting, air or liquid cooling.
    How crazy of a video card?
    And, of course, the motherboard, main CPU and memory to begin with.
  • Maybe you want a rack mounted machine or one that doesn't even look like a PC.
  • You can tailor just about everything !
    The only limit is your budget.

  • NAS
  • NAS is short for Network Attached Storage
    These devices can give you a home cloud, create a media server,
    or build a RAID storage machine to save precious data!

    They can start with an old PC or with a purpose designed unit.
  Do I need extra antivirus software ?
  I crashed, can you save my data ?
  Why build a custom PC ?
  What two upgrades extend an older PC usefulness ?

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  A: Do I need extra antivirus software ?
I have found that using properly configured Windows Defender
is all you need these days. Buying additional software tends to only
slow down your machine. I have not found an advantage to using those anymore.
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  A: I crashed, can you save my data ?
In most cases - no.
In rare cases when the drive is still barely working, it is is possible to connect it to another machine and salvage some data.
If you have precious data that isn't backed up, please cleckout DriveSavers.
They have been in business in 1985.
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  A: Why build a custom PC ?
When you buy a PC in a store or online, it is designed to make a company profit.
In the world of cheap PC, that means the parts inside need to be as inexpensive as possible.
But when you build your own, you select every component.
Those components come from name brands and use better parts.
You can research and find reviews of each component.
You get to select what parts to spend more on.
Some components can be as much or more than a whole PC.
That is because they have much better performance.
For the builder, it is not about a cheap PC.
It about a BETTER PC with MAXIMUM performance.
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  A: What two upgrades extend an older PC usefulness ?
There are two items guaranteed to wake up an older machine
and give it a few more years of usefulness - more memory & an SSD.

If you have a maching that started with an older version of
Windows than you are running now, then adding more memory is essential.
Every generation of Windows demands more than it had before just to open.
When you then start to run programs, you will feel some significat lags.

If you have a PC with a spinning HDD harddrive as main storage, then just
changing that drive to a SSD solid state drive will make it feel like a new machine.
If we do this when the old drive is still working, then we can be sure to save all your data.
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