About Me


I see my neighbors on community groups looking for help.
They ask questions and I just shake my head at the bad advice.
Most environments need more than the quick fixes that you can buy.
With a little planning, it's easy to get the network/wifi we all crave.
The secret is a solid wiring backbone combined with enterprise level hardware.
And I can collect success stories and referrals as we move forward !
I began by helping one friend in the neighborhood, and that led to helping others.
This is a side business of mine. I perform walk-thrus on weekday lunch hours
and installations on the weekends.
Unlike a larger company, every customer becomes a personal connection
and I strive to build them a great solution!

I am a 30+ year veteran of the telecom and aerospace PCB design industry.
I helped design products that defined the internet we have today. 
Back in '97, I designed the first DOCSIS cable modem and saw first hand how the cable providers fail their customers !
I have also designed for the company that invented ethernet, so I have insights in how to build rock solid networks.
And most of all, I am a geek that likes to connect things and make them go fast !


I live in the Sienna neighborhood in Missouri City, TX so most of my customers center around this area.

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